A great deal of thought went into the creation of the Foundation’s logo.

The hand represents our willingness to give a 'helping hand' to contribute to the well-being of the population and our openness to collaborate with others that share our mission and vision.

« main ampil chay pa lou »

The family name « Beliard » inside the hand reflects the union within the family that allows the accomplishment of the work to be done.

To further underscore our confidence in the success of our approach, we chose two colors that carry hope:

Green : « is the most widely seen color in nature. Green is a soothing color, refreshing and even invigorating. In Western culture, it is associated with hope and luck. »

Orange : « is an invigorating and zesty color that breathes dose of good humor everywhere it's found. It is often associated with creativity and communication, because it is a true carrier of optimism and openness. ».