My name is Lita Béliard, I am a member of a family where cancer has wreaked havoc on four generations. I have a degree in Public Administration and have extensive training and experience in hospital management and more broadly, in the field of health. In recent years my interventions were in a context of partnership between public and private institutions in a continuum of supportive approach.

After 35 years of active life in the public sector, I decided to dedicate my time and knowledge to serve underprivileged people. It is with enthusiasm that I have answered the call of my brothers and sisters when they sought my contribution to this cause that we all hold dearly: cancer and honoring our father, Alfred Beliard.

Cancer does not discriminate. In the memory of all that have been directly affected or have lost a loved one to Cancer, I take my role in the Foundation very seriously.

Cancer is a disease that affects many people and can lead to death; at the same time effective treatments are available for the most common, colorectal, breast, lung, prostate, which could help prolong lives if detected early.

Even in the most developed countries, there is a remarkable increase in patients. It is thus becoming essential to identify this problem. We need your support, concrete involvement as a volunteer, as a professional or by donations. We hope through this, our support and contribution to the medical professionals in Cap-Haïtien will allow for awareness and early detection in Cancer patients.