Information on Cancer

In line with its mission, the Foundation plans to transmit information to the population on the various aspects of cancer and give them practical means (within their reach) to do prevention. Specifically, in partnership with the radio station Radio Ave Maria of Cap-Haïtien, the Foundation will benefit from 30 minutes of airtime every Wednesday to allow professionals in the health community to convey their message.


Reference Guide

Another important project will be the creation of a medical reference guide. In this guide, you can find the names and contact information for all doctors in the North by specialty. The goal is to have this information readily accessible so that the patients or family members can have a reference when looking for diagnostics and prognostics.



A comprehensive pamphlet will serve as a tool intended to assist the health professionals when they are consulting with their patients. Health professionals can distribute this pamphlet to the patients for additional support. The brochure would provide information such as cancer stages, treatment, and costs.