A Day With Santa

The Alfred Béliard Foundation partners with A Day With Santa (ADWS) for an event designed to bring an exciting Christmas celebration to over 3,000 children who live in challenging conditions in Miami and in Haiti.


The Health Education Clubs network for active prevention

The Health Education Clubs network for active prevention (EUB) is a non-profit international organization that offers a personalized coaching approach with a vision of empowerment for the adoption of healthy life habits in order to take control of one’s own health. In partnership with the Alfred Foundation Béliard the CESPA network will provide various outreach activities to raise awareness on how to prevent cancer. www.clubs-sante.org


The different Cancer Foundations can share their resources on the disease by providing us with up to date literature that can be distributed to the people we serve:

  • Fondation ARC pour la recherche sur le cancer
  • Fondation cancer du sein du Québec
  • Fondation contre le cancer
  • Fondation québécoise du cancer
  • Prostate Cancer Canada


Significant efforts will be made to these institutions to solicit their contributions